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The Lucky Few Mama Crew -What We Want You to Know

Wouldn’t this blog get a bit boring if you only ever heard from me?

Yeah, it sure would.

So, some of the luckiest moms out there took some time to answer questions for me and the responses were so good I couldn’t possibly fit them all into one post. I hope to continue to provide you all with insight from other moms of children with Down syndrome in a series I’ve decided to name “The Lucky Few Mama Crew”.

Here are the answers I received on today's subject.

What do you want people to know about individuals with Down syndrome?

“The sky is the limit for people with Down syndrome! With a little hard work and determination, Charlotte can grow up to be anything she wants to.” -Hilary M, Canada

Everyone with Down syndrome is unique like the rest of us. Not every person with Down syndrome is happy all the time, they experience all of the emotions we do, and will have unique personalities like everyone else.”- Sarah K, Canada

“I think the biggest thing I would want people to know is that even though we didn’t ask for our children to have Down syndrome, we can’t imagine our lives without them once they’ve been in it. And that we as parents, can still grieve what we thought our lives would be, and still love our child with all of our hearts at the same time.”- Amanda N, USA

“That they are human, and every human is different in their own way, every human has something special. Treat an individual with Down syndrome with respect and kindness, like you would treat anyone else. And most importantly give them a chance, see them for the person they are. Also, to teach the world more about Down syndrome and raise awareness to all because so many people in this world still don’t have exposure and we want that to change.”- Maddie C, USA

“I want people to know that if we BELIEVE children with DS are limited in their abilities and accomplishments, they may be limited because we don’t give them opportunities! Society needs to realize that they have so much potential if just given a chance... an equal chance as any other kid!”-Rose B, USA

“One thing I want people to know about individuals with Down syndrome would be that they are just like any other person and will absolutely thrive with the most loving, strong community that this world has to offer. If you get picked to be part of a person’s world who has Down syndrome that’s truly the luckiest gift one will ever receive because they teach us to see everything with greater love and understanding, bringing a light you can only get with someone who has DS, into this world.” Heather N, USA

I’m sharing these with you because we want you to know that our children are loveable, capable and WORTHY. Worthy of equal opportunities. Worthy of your kindness, respect and understanding. Worthy of inclusion. The Down syndrome community is never going to stop shouting the worth of these individuals.

Are you part of the Lucky Few Mama Crew (aka a mom to someone with Down syndrome)?

I want to hear from you too!

Leave your own answer to today's question in the comment section.

I would also love to hear from dads, siblings, grandparents of individuals with Down syndrome or even better yet, individuals who themselves have Down syndrome. If you’re interested in answering a series of questions for the blog, please reach out to me through the contact form located on the home page of my website.

Also, I dare you to try not to smile when you look at the adorable photo submissions below.

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