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Navigating a New Diagnosis

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Breathe mama, it will be okay.

I know it's hard.

I know you're confused, sad and maybe even a bit fearful of what the future holds.

Your thoughts are probably racing, trying to piece together what might be ahead for you.

You are probably sick of everyone telling you not to worry and to cheer up like it's that easy.

You are probably feeling like no one you know could possibly understand what this is like.

I want you to know that you don't have to process this all on your own.

There is a whole community of mamas just like you navigating this life that they never expected.

My advice to you:

-Connect with other Down syndrome parents; they are the best resource! Don't know any? Search #theluckyfew on Instagram and you'll find thousands of search results of families sharing their wonderful lives. Ask them the questions on your mind. Don't hold back out of fear that you might offend them, chances are they had similar questions.

-Look into local resources, maybe there is a group nearby. I also encourage you to join a DSDN (Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network) group. They have pregnancy, birth, and so many other sub groups on Facebook.

-Do your research but don’t become consumed with health risks and limitations.

Your child is unique, they will have their own strengths and struggles but hey don’t we all?

Your feelings are valid, take the time to process all of these emotions.

Find someone you can talk to, please don’t hold it all in. For me that was a therapist, for you maybe it's a close friend or family member.

Breathe mama, it will be okay.

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