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Four Months of Loving Levi

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Well, that title is slightly misleading as I’ve been loving him since the moment that I found out that I was pregnant. The past four (and a bit) months with Levi in the world have flown by. My tiny squishy newborn isn’t so little anymore, he is getting more and more chubby little baby rolls by the day.

So, what has life with Levi looked like this far?

Appointments a lot of appointments, pandemic lockdowns and plenty of snuggles at home.

Seriously though Levi has gone almost nowhere but to attend appointments due to the pandemic. I know everyone has their own comfort level regarding the pandemic which is totally understandable. Some may say I’m overly cautious and they would be right. The thought of Levi getting COVID-19 makes me ridiculously anxious. He most likely thinks his daddy and I are the only ones other than himself with a mouth because everyone else he sees is wearing a mask.

You may or may not know that people with Down syndrome are at higher risk for significant health problems such as heart defects, gastrointestinal defects, immune disorders, sleep apnea, obesity, spinal defects, leukemia, dementia as well as others not listed.

Routine medical care is extremely important for individuals with Down syndrome, and therefore Levi has a lot of appointments. He has had well over 20 appointments to date.

At just four months old Levi has had an echocardiogram, a hip ultrasound, a liver ultrasound, two hearing tests, an eye exam, multiple blood tests, and has had his lip, tongue and buckle ties corrected.

He has been seen by cardiology, orthopedics, audiology, ophthalmology and is on a waiting list to be seen by ears nose throat and the Down syndrome clinic at our local children’s hospital.

Levi has been set up with multiple therapies and programs already. We have seen a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, social worker, public health nurse in relation to feeding challenges and we have had meetings with a coordinated service planner. He is also on a wait list for speech therapy as well as an infant and child development program in our area.

Talk about an awesome care circle! Although it is a bit overwhelming at times with so many appointments, I am thankful that Levi has such a great team of professionals looking after him.

I’m happy to report that as of right now no major health concerns have been detected and Levi has reached every milestone thus far.

Side note: your child hitting milestones on time does not define your child’s worth. I am fully aware that Levi is going to have to work extra hard at achieving milestones and that the day will come when he starts falling behind. That’s okay, he will get there in time. This boy is going to be unstoppable; I just know it.

Levi is a tummy time champion, loves swatting at his toys above him, can roll from tummy to back and is working super hard to get from back to tummy. He loves reading books, baths, eating, telling stories and being sang to. He has the most contagious smile that lights up the room.

I wish time would slow down but I am looking forward to watching as he learns new things and getting to see the person he evolves to be.

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The next few blog posts contain information about my goals, hopes and dreams for Levi as well as an interview with other parents of children with Down syndrome.

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